Social Healing & Accountability Research

Creating Knowledge, Sharing Solutions

Research. Engage. Capacitate. Report.

Who we are

SHARE is an emerging research house that conducts research on local governance and socio-economic issues; harnessing ideas and innovations for Africa. We work to influence public policy and improve stakeholder engagement by local authorities and communities.

Our Vision

Safe, Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable human settlements by 2030

Our Mission

We exist to provide solutions to Africa's most pressing social and governance problems through rigorous and contemporary research. .

Our Values


What we do


We carry our dedicated research with the aim of gaining new knowledge on how to improve communities. Our research covers thematic areas such as accountability, sustainability, service delivery, regulation, public policy, gender, youth, education, discrimination amongst a host of others.


Armed with knowledge from our research, we engage both local government and communities, as well as other stakeholders, and encourage collaboration and engagement, through creative, digital and interactive mediums and platforms.


We capacitate communities through training workshops, facilitating local government stakeholder engagement as well as providing academic training for students studying research, local governance, public policy and other social sciences with the aim of preparing the next generation problem solvers.


All our work is reported in our media outlets that include a YouTube Channel, our bi monthly newsletter, our website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We endeavour to reach all communities as this is necessary for meaningful engagement to take place.

Social Healing & Accountability Research

Creating Knowledge, Sharing Solutions